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The geography state of Colorado and the color STATE of MIND at Century 16 movie theater, Aurora, Colorado with EM agent James (Clerk Maxwell) and (SherLOCK) Holmes

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The KHZ wars LINK Watertown, Wisconsin and Watertown, Massachusetts

Rd-blog-number-5076 by  Herb Zinser  reviews the southeastern Wisconsin  geography WAR zone and its  information LINK to  the greater  BOSTON area in Massachusetts.


Of interest is the   geography parallel   and information database parallel between tragic signaling events in Wisconsin…

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The world EM FIELD war at Westgate, Nairobi with WGBH and WGN

Rd-blog-number-5002  by Herb Zinser reviews the world EM war and some of the battles that are reported in the news.

Let's look at another blog post that explains many things ..... then we will look at the Westgate shopping mall shooting in Nairobi, Kenya.


Solar system EM waves and


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Archduke Ferdinand year 1914 and Michael Brown year 2014

RD-blog-number-3994 by Herb Zinser   reviews the  information  STRING THEORY death of Michael  Brown in  Ferguson, Missouri in year 2014 ..100 years after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.   As they say " History repeats itself".


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The SYMBOL MACHINE super-symmetry physics language MIRRORS

Rd-blog-number-3905 by Herb Zinser looks at the English language clues found in tragic signaling EVENTS ..... alphabet letter clues that describe the periodic atomic table ..... atomic mass thoughts and the conflicts with mass communications ERRORS of television, radio, print, etc.

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Secret infra-red dermatology SKIN languages

N-paper-0016 by Herb Zinser reviews some secret messages embedded within  news articles.


Let's look at a newspaper article that contains several different messages.

Then we shall focus upon the human SKIN  ..... body heat emission language WAR.


First,  look at another blog post that exp…

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The Star wars project: BLACK SUN and optical military action in Blacksburg, Virginia,.

RD-blog-number-3763 by Herb Zinser

SYMBOL MACHINE communications theory and applications

Nature's advanced message processing system has optical nerve and English language WAR messages waiting in year 2014! 


Project Black Sun



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The Evans Field House atomic optical war at Cole Hall, DeKalb, Illinois.



Let's look at the optical battle in DeKalb, Illinois.


Northern Illinois University shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Entrance to Cole Hall, morning after the shootings. ... Co…

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